Photo 7 – Flat Panel in 3 inch wide Grid

Basement ceiling ideas

Basement Ceiling Ideas

Wood coffered ceiling system by WoodGrid is a solid wood suspended ceiling system that is affordable, elegant and easy to install.  If you are looking for basement ceiling ideas, look no further!  The WoodGrid Suspended Ceiling System is perfect for basements.  Use WoodGrid with flat wood panels for basements with low ceilings.

When it comes to decorative wood drop ceilings, we have been the experts for the last 25 years. We offer many styles and wood species allowing you to create a unique room. The drop ceiling concept allows you to have a stunning ceiling even in a basement where you might need access to ductwork etc. Over the years we have developed creative ways to work with lighting, venting, height changes, soffits, home theater components and other mechanicals that affect a ceiling. We have styles and ideas for high ceilings or low basement ceilings as well as cathedral ceilings and standard height ceilings. So bring us your ceiling design or ceiling ideas, and let us show you how to make them a reality. Midwestern Wood Products Co. also manufactures a complete line of Architectural Millwork, custom trim, wainscoting and wall systems, carvings and other wood products  out of domestic hardwoods.