Succotash Restaurant in Washington DC

This restaurant is actually in National Harbor MD and was the first of two Succotash restaurants in the area.  They used our Deep Coffer style, open back, in Rustic Poplar.  The coffers were 4′ x 4′.  For more info on this restaurant, visit Succotash.

WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling in Rustic Poplar

WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling open to ceiling above                                                                                  WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling in Succotash Restaurant in Washington DC


Below is the new Succotash Restaurant in the District.  They refurbished an historic bank.  For more info on this restaurant, visit Succotash 2.


     Junction 70 Grille

Modern coffer design

WoodGrid Modern Coffer style with tin backs painted gray

WoodGrid Modern coffer design in gun-metal gray

WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling in Junction 70 Grille Restaurant


     Bar/Steakhouse Remodel

This bar needed to be updated.  The owner wanted a more contemporary look to attract new crowds but also wanted to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere that would appeal to existing clientele.   The back bar incorporated LED color-changing lighting to add interest. The colors help set the mood for themes such as green for St. Patrick’s Day.  For more info on this restaurant, visit The Lariat Steakhouse.

Lariat Steakhouse before

Before remodel

Lariat Steakhouse after remodel

After Remodel

Bar with LED lighting

LED lighting

Contemporary Wood Grid

Modern design

Lariat Steakhouse bar front

During construction


Remodeled Hallway

Remodeled Hallway


     The Exchange in Delevan

This is a new bar in an old building.  The owner wanted a rustic contemporary look to attract young patrons.  We used distressed knotty Poplar with a saddle-brown color.   For more info on this bar, visit The Exchange.

Exchange in Delevan

New Bar

Exchange Bar in Delevan IL

Back Bar


curved bar rail

Curved bar rail

Curved Bar

Curved bar under construction

Rustic Poplar

Distressed Knotty Poplar


Curved Bar

Curved Bar Rail, Bar Top and Bar Front



Our bar rail is 5-1/2″ x 2-3/16″. It is available in Poplar and Red Oak. Special curved bar rails can be created with custom orders.


bars and restaurants

curved bar rail





     New Distillery

This renovation project is under construction.  It is a new distillery in an old building.  We used Poplar and Birch in a dark color with a dye stain for a very up-scale antique look.   We wanted to stay with the old designs of the era of the building.


Harvest Cafe

Harvest Cafe


Harvest Cafe

Custom Bar



Wall Sconce Lights


    Other Bars and Restaurants

Bars and Restaurants