Warranty and Maintainance


STORAGE AND HANDLING  of  WoodGrid® Coffered Ceilings

Prior to installation, materials for a WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling should not be stored in damp areas or freshly plastered buildings.   Wood mouldings should be stored on a flat, level surface in a dry, well-ventilated building. Cover to keep clean but allow circulation. Relative humidity should not be less than 30% or greater than 50%. Wood mouldings should not be subjected to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, humid conditions or sudden changes therein.   They should be conditioned to average prevailing humidity of the locality before installing.


MAINTAINANCE  of  WoodGrid® Coffered Ceilings

If you ordered your WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling pre-finished, the finish is a high solids conversion varnish (amino alkyd conversion varnish system, Krystal Water White non-yellowing formula) for interior use and is able to tolerate extreme moisture, heat or household chemicals. The finish is made by ML Campbell and is for professional application only. Clean up with soap and water or a damp cloth. Do not use furniture polish. Light dusting with a static cloth is recommended for a WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling. Unfinished parts of the WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling should not be exposed to high levels of moisture.

WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling components should not be subjected to heat or extreme dryness. Heating vents should be directed away from the wood components so as not to blow warm air at or near the grid as it could cause shrinkage that allows the coffers to loosen and fall. Do not allow excessive heat to accumulate in the area above the coffered ceiling.  Humidity levels are best kept at 35% to 45%.

It is recommended that the suspension hardware be checked every 5 years to be sure that all connections are secure.


LIMITED WARRANTY  for  WoodGrid® Coffered Ceilings    

Midwestern Wood Products Co. warrants that its WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceilings will be free from manufacturing defects which would render them unserviceable or unfit for their normal, recommended use. Natural variations in color or texture of the wood are not to be considered as defects. Midwestern Wood Products Co. shall have no liability under this warranty or under any implied warranties unless such materials have been handled, stored and maintained as noted herein.

Midwestern Wood Products Co. agrees within a period of one year from delivery date, to repair or replace, excluding installation, without charge any WoodGrid®  Coffered Ceiling components which are defective within the meaning of this warranty. This warranty is not effective if goods are repaired or replaced without first obtaining our written consent. This warranty does not cover installation.


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