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Coffered Ceilings – The History

Coffered ceilings, in historic architecture, were created by arranging coffers (or framed boxes) in interesting configurations on a ceiling. The coffers were square, rectangular or octagonal and most often had deep recesses and were originally made out of stone. Eventually wood coffered ceilings replaced stone structures because a lighter weight material was more desirable.

For centuries, it was thought that wooden coffered ceilings originated in the Loire Valley Chateaux of the early Renaissance period. However, in 2012, archaeologists discovered the concept of wood coffered ceilings in the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum, which was destroyed in 79 AD by volcanic eruptions along with Pompeii.

In the 1800’s many famous American homes such as the Frick House in Pittsburgh, the Studebaker Mansion in Indiana, and the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina used elaborate ceiling treatments, such as wood coffered ceilings, to create architectural interest. Back then only the wealthy could afford such luxury.

Coffered Ceilings –  Today

Today we have the WOODGRID® Suspended Coffered Ceiling System which is both elegant and affordable. This wood suspended ceiling system is user-friendly and versatile for all applications including new construction or remodel, residential or commercial. It installs much like a metal grid system with main runners and cross tees. The drop-in panels are the coffers which create the depth. This system does not clip on to existing metal grid.  However, long length 15/16″ metal grid can be used to attach to the back of the wood grid to provide suspension.  This method allows versatility, so the layout and coffer size can be optimized for the particular space, giving each ceiling a custom, well-planned look.

A WOODGRID® Coffered Ceiling is typically used in home libraries, studies, dens and offices. But because the coffers are removable, it’s an excellent idea for basement ceilings, where access to the area above the ceiling is required.

When it comes to decorative wood drop ceilings, we have been the experts for the last 30 years. We offer different styles, wood species and finishes, so you can create a unique room. The drop ceiling concept allows you to have a stunning ceiling even in a basement where you might need access to ductwork etc. Over the years we have developed creative ways to work with lighting, venting, height changes, soffits, home theater components and other mechanicals that affect a ceiling. We have styles and ideas for high ceilings, low basement ceilings as well as cathedral and standard height ceilings.

Our partners at  Heritage Restoration and Design  can custom finish your coffered ceiling to match any interior design requirements, from standard stains and varnishes to antique painting techniques.  So call us at 309-266-9771 with your ceiling design and ideas, and let us show you how to make them a reality.

Wood Coffered Ceilings

wood coffered ceiling

Coffered Ceiling with Tin Panels

wood ceilings

Wood coffered ceiling




Basement ceiling ideas

Basement ceiling with flat panels



Wood suspended ceiling for acoustical panelsWoodGrid for acoustical panels


wood drop ceilings

Wood coffered ceiling with soffits

Frank Lloyd Wright ceiling

Craftsman style coffered ceiling


WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling in Cherry Deep Coffer with special back

Deep Coffer  Fiber Optic back

WoodGrid Flat panel ceiling design

Flat Panel style in basement game room






Coffered ceiling with beams

Coffered Ceiling between Beams

Wood Coffered Ceilings