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St. John Cantius Church in Chicago

Coffered Ceiling with chandelier

We have been working with St. John Cantius Church in downtown Chicago for several years on various projects.  Last year we finished remodeling the Refectory. We installed an Oak Coffered Ceiling, specialty wall coverings and cabinetry. Our suspended, coffered ceiling system enabled us to cover up old but necessary piping, while maximizing the ceiling height in the rest of the room. We also incorporated old heat registers into the woodwork, so they are hidden but accessible.


Coffered ceiling for catholic church

AFTER remodel (view of entrance door)

St. John Cantius Refectory

BEFORE remodel (view of entrance door)



Coffered Ceiling for churches

Coffered Ceiling for Refectory



hidden panels

Built-in cabinetry to hide outdated radiators, removable access panels and sturdy vent.

cabinetry in Refectory

Custom cabinets to increase storage space.