Photo Gallery

Midwestern Wood Products would like to express sincere gratitude to everyone who has submitted photos of their coffered ceiling projects for us to use in our Photo Gallery!

Frank Lloyd Wright Ceiling

Mission Style


Tin / Red Oak


wood grid with drop-in tin panels

PVC Tin-look panels




Small Coffers for Victorian Farmhouse



Basement Bar coffered Ceiling

Dark Stain Poplar


Fiber Optics


Modern coffer design



Titanic Museum


Red Oak


Basement game room with coffered ceiling

Poplar – Birch


Coffered Ceiling in Poplar

Medium Coffer


wood suspended ceiling

Grid/acoustic panels


WoodGrid Flat panel ceiling design

Flat Panel Alder


Flat Panel Pine


Basement ceiling ideas

Flat Panel Poplar


WoodGrid Coffered Ceiling in Rustic Poplar

Succotash I


Succotash II


Deep Coffer in Soft Maple with clear finish

Soft Maple


Carved Panel


Deep Coffer


4 x 4 Deep Coffers


Bank Redding CA


Dentist’s Office


wood ceiling

Washington Nationals


Medium Coffer in Poplar with Acrylic panel for light

Lighted Acrylic


Circle Coffer

Circle Coffer


coffered ceiling with modern look

Modern Coffer


Deep Coffer in Lobby

Deep Coffer Lobby


Medium Coffer in Poplar with Cherry stain

Medium Coffer


DIY Suspended Coffered Ceiling

Coffer with Tin


photos of coffered ceilings

Circle Coffer


photos of coffered ceilings

Jewelry Store


painted ceilings

Painted Coffers



PanelTrim Walls


Morton Buildings

PanelTrim Walls


Deep Coffered Ceiling in Knotty Pine

Glazed Knotty Pine


Bank Lobby with Lighted Coffered Ceiling

Acrylic Panels


Cathedral Ceiling with Medium Coffer in Cherry

Cathedral Ceiling


Coffered Ceiling in Frank Lloyd Wright style home

Coffers with Beams


Custom Coffered Ceiling Treatment with Chandelier



Custom Coffered Ceiling Treatment with Chandelier

Tin Panels



Narrow 2″ Grid



Walnut Ceiling


Cherry coffered ceiling in Library

Cherry Ceiling


Coffers with Fan



Tin Ceiling


Coffers for Angled Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling



Poplar Dining Room



Soffits in Basement



Hotel Lobby


Basement Red Oak






Below is a map showing some of the cities where we have sold our WoodGrid coffered ceilings in the United States and Canada. Below that is a map of our coffered ceilings in Illinois.


View Ceiling Sales outside of IL in a full screen map

View MWP Ceiling Sales Ilinois in a full screen map

Description of Photos of Coffered Ceilings

#1: Stained Poplar Wood Coffered Ceiling using the 3″ wide grid with Deep Coffers and Tin Panels (antique pewter finish).

#2: Stained Poplar Wood Coffered Ceiling using the 3″ wide grid with Deep Coffer 42″ Circle Coffer (unit is about 96″).

#3: Stained Poplar Wood Coffered Ceiling using the 3″ wide grid with Deep Coffers (center) and carved flat panels in MDF/Mahogany(lower).

#4: Victorian style painted coffered ceiling in southern plantation style home using the 3″ and double deep coffers.

#5: Conference room in dark cherry stained poplar showing the coffered ceiling used with the Panel Trim Wall System.

#6: Conference room in Red Oak with WOODGRID coffered ceiling and Panel Trim Wall systme.

#7: Library in stained and glazed knotty pine. Coffered ceiling shows 2″ wide grid with 2′ x 2′ Deep coffers.

#8: Lobby in dark stained poplar, using 2″ wide grid and 2′ x 2′ Deep Coffers with acrylic panels on back and artificial lighting above.

#9: Cathedral style ceiling with 2″ grid and Medium Coffers. Uses special wall angle to accommodate ceiling incline. Note corner blocks used to make wall angle transition for inside and outside corners.

#10: Close-up of Circle Coffer Unit in Red Oak.

#11: Light stained Poplar with 3″ grid and 30″ x 30″ Deep Coffer with centered chandelier.

#12: Kitchen ceiling in Poplar with Deep Coffers and Tin panels.

#13: Office in fruitwood stained Poplar using the 2″ wide grid and Medium Coffer at 25″ on center.

#14: Office in real American Walnut using the 2″ wide grid and Medium Coffer at 25″ on center. Also shows the Panel Trim Wall system.