The latest trend in basements is the “Man Cave”.  Many people are remodeling their basements to make them a “second home”.  These spaces now include fun amenities such as bars, gaming areas and big-screen TVs all in the same area, so people can enjoy being together while having access to different forms of entertainment.

Coffered ceiling improves acoustics in game room










Poplar coffered ceiling over bar area


Basement Bar coffered Ceiling

Man Cave with Basement Bar 1 – Deep Coffered ceiling in dark Poplar



No coffered ceiling

Basement bar 1 without coffered ceiling
















Medium Coffer for basement game room

Basement bar 2 – Poplar with cherry finish







Coffered Ceiling in Poplar

Basement bar 2 – Poplar with cherry finish


WoodGrid Flat panel ceiling design

Flat panel style in basement with low ceiling.


Basement game room with coffered ceiling

Basement bar 3 – Game Room with Coffered Ceiling

suspended ceiling for basement

Basement Bar and Game Room